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MyFlightSolutions >>> Secure – FAA compliant – Cloud-based

Fixed-base Operators

Manage your operations better with MyFlightFBO™, a product designed to manage FBOs in the easiest, most efficient way possible. The most comprehensive and efficient FBO management system in the industry.

MyFlightFBO™ is a robust solution for both large and small FBOs, with simple user-friendly screens.  Fully integrated into the entire MyFlightSolutions suite it provides functionality tailored to FBOs with mixed services. Key features include: a fully integrated POS module which supports all major bank and fuel cards, robust billing, integrated accounting, fuel farm and truck management, work and logistics management.  See more here.

Charter Operators

MyFlightCharter™ allows operators to get their job done quicker while ensuring compliance.  Built for Part 135 and fractional ownership (91k) business operators.

Key features include: reservations, estimates, scheduling, maintenance tracking, billing, and expenses management; and fully integrated to your FBO.

MyFlightCharter™ includes compliance checks as well as proactive, predictive availability, and training requirements for Check Pilots, PIC and SIC positions and by aircraft type. All compliance rules are configurable to the FAA Part 135 certification for each business type. See more here.


A complete flight management system for maintenance shops.

MyFlightMxShop™ was built for both internal and external owners, including work orders, tasks, external overhaul work, photo documentation as well as log book sticker support.

The system has a fully integrated billing, accounting, compliance, and staff labor tracking system.

MyFlightMxShop™ also supports FAA authorized non-motion and full motion simulator maintenance with daily checks, monthly checks and session checks.  See more here.

Flight Training

The most advanced flight school management system with scheduling, billing, accounting, FAA compliant paperless lesson tracking, aircraft leaseback management and maintenance tracking with full standard and advanced reporting.

Our college billing option handles VA and college lab billing while supporting contract rates, discounts with full audit support for billing tied to lessons and flights.

Support paperless Part 141, Part 142 and Part 61 lesson grading with courses. Remote FAA and TSA audit dashboard is available for use by regulators. See more here.

Sophisticated Aviation Management Systems

Aviation Management Made Easy

MyFlightSolutions develops the best aviation management software in the industry. We serve the needs of FBOs, flight schools, charter operators, and maintenance shops of all sizes.

As professionals with years of combined experience in the field, we created the MyFlight™ series to meet the ever-changing needs of the aviation industry. Every product is built using the latest technology, and we implement a complete range of features that customers are sure to appreciate.

Complete Features and Immense Flexibility

Our products come with a complete suite of features. From scheduling to billing, compliance to accounting, the MyFlightSolutions suite has everything you need to run your business.

Whether you run a small, local business, a national chain, or an international operation, our aviation management software can make a significant improvement in your bottom line. 

Easy to Learn

We design our systems to be completely intuitive. A user-friendly interface means that even non-tech savvy personnel can pick up the system immediately, and start using it to its full potential.

Our team understands that a new system can be disruptive. However, implementing the MyFlight™ aviation management software into your business operations can be done quickly and seamlessly with our guidance; with little disruption to your schedules and work.